Is Jesus the only way?

Everybody must be tolerant! We cannot tolerate someone who is not! These statements may seem ridiculous but it is how our culture functions. Disregarding the fact that no society can continue to function in such a hypocritical way, I would only like to discuss one of the issues that this effects regarding Jesus being the only way to God.

It has been said that all religions lead to God, just like the spokes on a wheel which start far apart, and even opposite each other, connect in the middle. Others, thinking themselves very clever, have said that Jesus is the only way, but He can come to each person through different religions.

These thoughts have been gaining traction in North America even in Evangelical circles. The reason is that it is very difficult for "Christians" to condemn other "good" people we know, just because they don't accept Jesus Christ. Some will be glad to know that Hell is not the topic of this article, but I do want to talk about how this relates Heaven.

The reason that Evangelicals are starting to struggle with Jesus being the only way is because they don't know God. We think of Heaven as a place where there are no troubles, pain, needs, and we can do whatever we enjoy most with the people we love most. This is the eternal life that we all want to live, however, the Bible says something different. In John 17:3 it says, "this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent." This verse gives us the context of what Heaven will be like. Heaven is knowing God.

If you don't want to know God now, then why would you want to go to Heaven? The reason why Jesus is the only way is because He is the only one that shows us God so that we can know Him. When someone rejects Jesus Christ, they are rejecting God because they are One. For example, there is a Father with two sons. The first son is not like his Father at all, he is kind, compassionate, and takes time to listen to others. The second son is the spitting image of his Father, he is rude, gruff, and does things his own way. Only the second son shows us the Father. I purposefully used a negative example so that the qualities of the Father would not be confused with knowledge of the Father. Often we desire the qualities of God and not the knowledge of Him.

What happens if there is a third son, who is almost the same as the second son? The problem with this argument is that the God that Jesus Christ reveals is totally different than all other religions. No other religion depicts God as one who loves His enemies. No other religion depicts God as one who has wounds. No other religion depicts God as one who can be known. There is no other God and there is no other way except through Jesus Christ.


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