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Is Jesus the only way?

Everybody must be tolerant! We cannot tolerate someone who is not! These statements may seem ridiculous but it is how our culture functions. Disregarding the fact that no society can continue to function in such a hypocritical way, I would only like to discuss one of the issues that this effects regarding Jesus being the only way to God.
It has been said that all religions lead to God, just like the spokes on a wheel which start far apart, and even opposite each other, connect in the middle. Others, thinking themselves very clever, have said that Jesus is the only way, but He can come to each person through different religions.
These thoughts have been gaining traction in North America even in Evangelical circles. The reason is that it is very difficult for "Christians" to condemn other "good" people we know, just because they don't accept Jesus Christ. Some will be glad to know that Hell is not the topic of this article, but I do want to talk about how this rela…

Division at the Cross

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre stands where Jesus is thought to have been crucified and buried. Currently, there are several Christian groups who have control of the Church. There have been many fights between these groups over this Church, sometimes even resulting in violence. It is thought provoking that on the very ground where the greatest act of injustice occurred and the epitome of loving your enemies was displayed, Christians fight each other while bearing His name.

As much as I would like to condemn these Christians for fighting over a piece of land, it is only a tangible display of what happens in the rest of Christianity. Instead of fighting over land, Christians fight over spiritual superiority all in the name of Jesus Christ. How many groups claim that they are the true Church and are the only ones who are doing things the right way?

If the World did not know what was in the Bible and only had Christians for their knowledge of God, they would think that the Bible teaches…