Creation vs Theistic Evolution

Theistic evolution is on the rise in Christian circles. Francis Collins, Director of the National Center for Human Genome Research, wrote a book called The Language of God. This book brought to light that Christian's are starting to adopt Evolution as the way God created life on this earth. The BioLogos Foundation, founded and built by Francis Collins, is now the voice of theistic evolution in Christian circles. Their stated purpose is to bring harmony between science and faith.

Faith is not separate from science, nor science from faith. Despite repeated assertion of the objectivity of science, we need to remember that science is still done by human beings. It is not infallible as is demonstrated by its constant revision of theories and discoveries. Although modern science has made many great advances, it also seems to be more arrogant and conceited than it has ever been before. Eminent scientists have claimed that philosophy is dead and imply that science is the only true way to discover knowledge. It is important to remember that pride has caused more blindness than any natural cause.

God is more concerned with Faith then with science. The Bible, God's written self-revelation, is not a science text book and says very little about science. Reading the Bible from cover to cover would give very little, if any, indication that God is concerned about us having a proper understanding of how He created the Universe. His main concern is about us knowing Him. Scientific understanding is not critical to belief in God, but if science causes us to reject parts of the Bible it does become critical. Darrel Falk, president of the BioLogos Foundation, speaking of evolution states that "even the most contentious issues don't undermine core tenets of evangelicalism[1]." If this is the case, then it must be asked why the BioLogos Foundation finds it so important to bridge the gap between science and Faith?

God's ways are higher than scientific discovery. We know that God created the Universe but we are not sure of the specifics of how He did it. We know that at one point there was nothing, and now there is something. How God fine-tuned the Universe is a mystery that we have yet to understand, and may never understand. The theory of Evolution is widely accepted but it still lacks explanatory power.  For example, it is not clear how Evolution can ever explain consciousness or moral values. More importantly our current understanding of science does not explain Jesus Christ. How could Jesus be fully God and fully man from a scientific perspective? Can Evolution explain the virgin birth? Belief in God's Word is more important than integrating the latest advances in science, since science is just discovering what God already knows.

Christians need to remember that science has its own faith and that faith in Jesus Christ is more important. The God who created something from nothing is not limited by our scientific understanding. "Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and reptiles (Romans 1:22-23).


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