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Abortion a sign for the Watchmen

What is it that causes a group of human being to wipe out another group of human beings? Although it is difficult to ascertain the exact reason, it almost always occurs that one group of human beings considers another group to be less than human. Two examples of this are the Holocaust, and the Rwandan Genocide. In both of these genocides the killers would refer to their victims as animals, such as, rats and cockroaches, which demonstrated their view of them.

Living in a developed country we look at these situations and think that they could never happen here, overlooking the fact that we have more blood on our hands than any other society before us. Some estimate that as many as 42 million babies are aborted each year in the world. The total of the Holocaust is only around 5-6 million and  the Rwandan Genocide is only about 800,000. These numbers pale in comparison to those of abortion. Why is it that we don't consider ourselves as barbaric people? Like those of other genocides we…

Refreshing Scientific view on Creation vs. Evolution

I just listened to a good interview with Jim Tour on Let My People Think at He is the T.T and W.F. Chao Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Computer Science, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Rice Univeristy. Truthfully, I don't know what all that means other than he is a smart man. He was ranked one of the Top 10 chemists in the world over the past decade, by a Thomson Reuters citations per publication index survey, 2009. The list could go on, but I am just trying to establish that he is not some crackpot Christian Scientist. He has a refreshing view on the Creation and Evolution debate which I think is worth reading. Here is an article he wrote on Creation and Evolution.

Creation vs Theistic Evolution

Theistic evolution is on the rise in Christian circles. Francis Collins, Director of the National Center for Human Genome Research, wrote a book called The Language of God. This book brought to light that Christian's are starting to adopt Evolution as the way God created life on this earth. The BioLogos Foundation, founded and built by Francis Collins, is now the voice of theistic evolution in Christian circles. Their stated purpose is to bring harmony between science and faith.

Faith is not separate from science, nor science from faith. Despite repeated assertion of the objectivity of science, we need to remember that science is still done by human beings. It is not infallible as is demonstrated by its constant revision of theories and discoveries. Although modern science has made many great advances, it also seems to be more arrogant and conceited than it has ever been before. Eminent scientists have claimed that philosophy is dead and imply that science is the only true way to …

Biblical Interpretation

One of the consequences of the Reformation is that everybody has becomes their own interpreter for the Bible. This has led to numerous cults and sects within the general umbrella of those claiming to be Christian. Effectively this has subverted the truth claims of the Church since we do not proclaim the truth with one voice. Division is the enemy of truth.

Since different doctrines lead to division, should we not jettison doctrine? No, this is not the solution, since without doctrine we would definitely enter the wild wild west of personal theology. Doctrine is obviously key to the understanding of God, without it we would be left to our own imagination. The key is to determine which doctrine is critical and which doctrine is inconsequential. As Christians we should not be divided over every difference between us.

Some might argue that every point of doctrine is critical and to not uphold even one them would be heresy. Although I would never argue that we should just ignore a certain …

Christian Morals vs. Professionalism

When we go to work we are expected to adhere to a certain code of conduct which we call professionalism. The rules of being professional vary from company to company, but in general they follow the same outline. It is expected that we are not  to insult our fellow co-workers, to be courteous toward them, and to work together even if we don't like each other. Obviously this list is not exhaustive but only represents some of the things that fall under "being professional."

This code of conduct is important for the proper functioning of a company because it has people set aside their differences for the  bottom line. If people are not professional it will cause tremendous damage not only to their own career but also to that of the whole business.

The differences between a church and a business are significant, however, they both depend on good relationships between people to function properly. It is sad to admit that if people behaved at work the way they behaved at church…