Matrix Christianity

The movie the Matrix depicts a world where most of the people are only alive in their minds. Connected to the Matrix they live in a simulated reality being used in a war of man versus machine. Those who are "free" and not connected to the Matrix fight the machines.

Most of Western Christianity is lived only in the mind. If we examine the trends that are in the world, we will find the same trends in the church. It was once frowned on to drink, smoke, fight, swear, or gamble, now these very same things are being promoted in the church and perhaps even admired. Most Christians today will exclaim that none of these things determine if you are Christian, and I agree, but the problem is that those were the remaining differences between Christianity and the world. Examining the day-to-day lives of individual Christians in the public sphere would be remarkably similar, if the not the same, as those who are not Christians. This is quite frightening especially since this is the generation that believes in preaching the gospel with actions, not words.

In order to escape our extreme hypocrisy we take one of two courses of actions. The first is to take comfort in our knowledge and dedication to learning. We believe that since we know what Christianity is about and seek to have a good understanding of the Bible that we must be Christian. The second is to induce comfort through music, meditation, or other emotional inducing mediums. In this case we feel we are more Christian the higher we raise our hands in "worship", and the more we are moved to have feelings of peace or excitement.

The problem with both of these extremes is that they are decoupled from reality and are found only in the mind. Your knowledge should move you to a life lived in accordance to the commands of Jesus (found in the Bible), and your emotions should come from your life. Most people know this, but the problem is that we always think it applies to someone else. We need to ask ourselves if our lives are any different than those around us that we look down on as lesser Christians? Be sure not to include your knowledge or your feelings, simply look at actions that occur in public.

Knowledge and emotions are both required in our lives, but they must exist in reality. If you know that Jesus died for you and forgave you for sinning against Him, do you forgive other people when they sin against you? If you feel connected with God during music, but then don't forgive other people what good was your connection? Our knowledge of what Jesus did for us should lead us to forgive others, and forgiving others  should lead us to feel connected with God.

In Ephesians 5:13-14 says, "But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible, for anything that becomes visible is light. Therefore it says, 'Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.'" These verses are telling us to wake up and stop living like the world, instead let Christ live in you and you will be a light to those around you. Picture yourself in a world that is completely dark where nobody can see where they are going. Now, picture a light that illuminates the path that you are taking. If our lives do not reflect that of Christ's then it is like we don't have any light, and we are of now use to anyone. However, if our lives do reflect the light of Christ then anybody who sees the light can follow.

Each generation thinks it knows better than the last generation. In our effort to correct the errors of previous generations we have failed to contribute to our own. Matrix Christianity is of no use to anyone. It simply leaves the world as dark and as lost as it was before. We must unplug from the Matrix, connecting reality to our knowledge and emotions, and help others as well. Don't forget there is a war going on!


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